Whats Included With Package 1

  • 2X – Wireless Detectors – Optional pet friendly detectors at no extra charge

  • 1X – Wireless External Sounder

  • 2X – Wireless Key fobs 

  • 1X – Alarm panel with keypad

  • 1X – Wireless Door Contact

  • 24/7 help line

  • Dedicated engineer

  • Full system training provided

  • Yearly service 

  • Replacement Parts/Batteries

  • call outs are included with this package

  • Our mobile app allows you to control your security system from anywhere in the world, including set, Unset, system status and receive event notifications like intruder alerts or family that has armed/disarmed the system

Key benefits

  • No timely credit checks and Direct debit forms we trust our customers so we allow them to pay us via standing order on a monthly basis

  • Save money on yearly servicing and battery replacements as there included in the package

  • There’s always the option to upgrade your package from adding more motion sensors or even add some High definition cameras to your home

  • After 24 months you can drop down to a basic service plan for £10 a month *optional*

Terms and conditions

The price stated is a fixed deposit of £240 Including VAT. After the first month there will be a recurring charge of £15 a month including VAT for the minimum period of 24 months. After the 24 months, the system is completely yours, and you have the right to cancel the agreement at any time after this period.

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